Congratulations on registering your school to participate in the inaugural Great Protein Lunchbox Challenge

As a School Challenge Leader, the following information will assist you is guiding your school through its first challenge…

Now you have registered your school (or class), you need to do the following

STEP  SET A PLAY DATE (if you haven’t already).

Pick a date in February with your school/class teacher that suits the daily curriculum, to dedicate some time (in the morning prior to recess) to do the lunchbox count (and be sure you are also available to come in to do the lunchbox count).


Donations does not have to be a key motivation for the challenge, but setting even just a small target will hope motivate others to support you.


Send our Parents letter/email (available in the downloadable kit) home to classmate parents in advance of your challenge PLAYDATE requesting their participation on the day. Be sure to personalise with your challenge info and any other information before sending.


Use the promotional items included in the Lunchbox Challenge Kit to advertise the challenge and get support from school parents/guardians via school newsletters, emails and posters around the school. Suggest to school teachers and even the principal to sign up as a player online and play the 10 gram challenge on your PLAYDATE to help gain further awareness and raise more money to help achieve your donations target.


  1. We suggest you attend your playdate in the morning (prior to recess) and arrange a time with your teacher to count all lunchboxes of participating kids. If a child forgets to pack a low protein lunchbox you can choose to exclude them from the count OR include them anyway (as it is all about learning about protein contents of all foods).
  2. If you are unfamiliar with low protein counting we suggest you seek advice from MDDA in advance and we can supply you with some resources to assist (however we suggest a parent or adult familiar with a low protein diet should be in attendance to assist with the counting).
  3. You can download the classroom lunchbox counting form here. You should count all lunchbox contents including both recess and lunch items of each child.
  4. Whilst counting it would be good for you to spend some time educating the students on protein contents of food and what it is like to live with a dietary disorder to help raise awareness and to reduce the stigma that can sometimes follow people with a rare condition. Remember to take lots of photos to post too.
  5. Once your count is complete, enter your total class protein count and the number of participants on our results page here and your average lunchbox protein content will be added to the school ladder (this may take a day or so to appear).
  6. Once live you can compare your total lunchbox protein count with other schools playing around Australia. The school with the lowest per person average protein count is deemed the winner.


Any individuals players supporting your school team online should be supported and thanked for their efforts.

You can track their progress online by viewing their player profiles under your team and send them messages of encouragement and thanks.