The Great Protein Dietitians Challenge

Join other dietitians from around the country and PLAY your protein for a day.

The Great Protein Dietitians Challenge is where dietitians come together in teams to take on eating less than 10 grams of protein for a day – all in the name of raising awareness and supporting people living with rare genetic metabolic (protein) disorders.

Sign up a team and take on the challenge for just one day this February .

Participating in the Dietitians Challenge is easy.

  REGISTER your team here.

  SET YOUR PLAYDATE and recruit players (a team can have just one or multiple players). At least one player must be a dietitian to register play under the Dietitians Challenge (other players do not need to be).

  PROMOTE your team challenge at your workplace with colleagues and via your social media networks to recruit other team members and supporters (pledgers and players). Download the Dietitians Challenge promo kit here

  RAISE MONEY – by encouraging people to pledge their support and donate to your team – or play along with you. All players in your team that raise money contribute towards your team fundraising goal.

  PLAN you playdate meal plan for yourself. All team members can review suggested meal plans and food options here

  PLAY – On your playdate all team members can track their protein intake using our simple protein calculator (Attempting to eat under 10 grams of protein for the whole day). You might wish to organise a low protein team morning tea or meal together to support each other getting to get through the day.

  SHARE – at the end of the day team members can share their results (along with any pictures of their food and feelings that they experienced on the day) with their social media networks.

  COMPETE – Fundraising results can be tracked on our Dietitians Challenge leader board. The winning team (where all players have completed the challenge and with the most money raised) will win an educational prize TBC. (final winner determined and announced on 15 March, 2019)

  TRACK – Follow the Dietitians Team Challenge leaderboard to track your progress against other dietitian teams.

The Great Protein Dietitians Challenge is a fun way for health professionals and dietitians to learn about the difficulties some people have with healthy eating when living with a metabolic condition such as PKU or other protein IEM. All monies raised go directly to the MDDA (Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association) to help support people living with PKU and other rare inborn errors of protein metabolism.

So jump on board and register for The Great Protein Dietitians Challenge today and see if your team can WIN the inaugural Great Dietitians Protein Challenge.

Download these handy resources to help recruit team members and encourage others to support your fundraising goals

Place this poster in your staff room to encourage others to join your team.

Send this advert out as an email or place on your website/intranet to help recruit team members.

Displaying this poster in your reception area or staff room will encourage people to support your fundraising goal and making a pledge to your team.