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18th February 2010 was the day that our world changed forever! After 7 perfect days with our beautiful perfect new baby boy, we received the call that most new parents dread. “There is something wrong with your baby and you need to bring him back”. Well that’s what we heard at the time anyway! Newborn Heal Prick tests revealed he had the rare condition known as PKU (Phenylketonuria) and without immediate treatment and removal of almost all protein from his diet he would become very sick and develop permanent brain damage. Even the protein in my breast milk was poisoning him. 9 years ago we thought this call was the worst call we could ever receive – but 9 years on we think very differently. What we have learnt is without this call ours and Charlie’s world would be very different to what we know today. We are so very fortunate to live in an era and time where newborn screening and modern medical science has given Charlie the chance for a normal life. Dread replaced with Gratitude! Our beautiful perfect boy has just turned 9 – and PERFECT he still is in every way. The most beautiful, caring, smart, funny, affectionate, easy going and active young man we know. He takes his PKU in his stride and every day he is nothing but awesome. So February 18 is a very SPECIAL day for us, and is why this year we have chosen it as our Great Protein Challenge PLAYDATE playing our protein for the day for Charlie (as he does every single day of his life). If anyone would like to play along with us – it is simple – just sign up as a player and select “Charlie’s Angels” as your team. Come walk in the shoes of Charlie for a day and see if you can eat under 10 grams of protein for just 24 hours. You might be surprised how tough it is. We are playing on Feb 18 and again on Feb 28. If you don’t wish to play along, you can also make a pledge to support team Charlie and help us to raise money to support the other 25 babies that are born each year in Australia with PKU.

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