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Please support MDDA and the work we do providing wellbeing support, information and services to all individuals with IEMs and their families across Australia.

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Where does your donation go?

We are a patient run organisation, that is largely voluntary based led by a team of dedicated caring adults and parents living with IEMs. MDDA provide support services and resources to educate, enable and connect all families living with PKU and other protein IEMs in Australia. We rely on the participation and financial support of PKU/IEM families to provide the support services that we offer.  The programs and support initiatives we provide would not exist without the ongoing financial and volunteer support from members, their fundraising efforts, donations and with the assistance of our key partners and supporters.

Your donations support a range of initiatives and programs that help adults and families including:

Patient Support & Programs;

  • Delivering patient centred support, education & resources to support throughout every life stage
  • Support for newly diagnosed families
  • Supporting the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of adults
  • Providing opportunities for our community to gather, promote peer support & shared life experiences, educate and inform new advancements,

Advocacy & Awareness 

  • Provide a strong voice to government for equitable access to treatment, care and choice
  • Create public awareness highlighting the challenges of managing a rare lifelong disease

Research & Clinical Trials

  • Promote and encourage Research & Clinical trials to advance knowledge and improve patient care

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