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Hosting a Low Pro PLAY Date in your office or with friends in a park can be a fun way to participate in the challenge and educate your staff on this complex condition all whilst raising awareness and valuable funds for PKU.

Playing as a team will promote a little healthy competition to see who eats the lowest amount of protein that day.

How to get started:

  Your team leader can sign up, register your team andselect your PLAY Date

  Team leader can then encourage other members / staff / friends to register with your team and start raising funds

 Plan your meals. There are heaps of ideas and resources on our website to make it easy for you.

  On your PLAY day, you may decide to have a picnic where you all bring some low protein food to share and help each other use our handy online calculator to work out your protein score for that meal and other meals you have/will consume throughout the day.

5. At the end of the day, calculate your final score and share it with all of your supporters on social media, thanking them for their generous support.


All players will be able to sign in to their account on our website to see who has donated to them and read any messages that your sponsors have left. You can then choose to thank them publicly and encourage others to donate to your efforts. Donations will close at the end of March so you have plenty of time to continue your fundraising efforts after your PLAY date has passed.



You could also consider becoming a sponsor for $500 and you will receive access to sponsor benefits and also receive a PLAY Date Kit including posters and social media collateral so you can plan your date.


  • Dress up for the day (true kids play date style)
  • Host a picnic (everyone brings a low protein plate to share for lunch)
  • Run competitions; the highest fundraiser, prizes for those that succeed, lowest protein count etc
  • Everyone brings a gold coin donation to PLAY on the day, best dress up or favourite dish of the day wins the cash.
  • Team bonding activities
  • Kids party games throughout the day
  • Have a guest speaker or chef come and teach about nutrition on the day.


In addition you can choose to sign up as a corporate sponsor for $500 and in return for your support, your organisation will be acknowledged as a Protein Power Player and recognised as a supporter of the program on our website and social media channels.

We will also send you a PLAY PACK so you can promote your PLAY day to encourage other members to sign up and to help with fundraising efforts.

The Great Protein Challenge PLAY PACK consists of

  • A3 Posters
  • Flyers
  • Email/enews advertisements
  • Social media promo assets
  • Printable Meal Plans
  • Protein Power Player certificate

If you would like to know more, give us a buzz on 1800 288 460 or send us a message via [email protected]

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