The Great Protein Lunchbox Challenge is a fun way to learn about the difficulties some people have with healthy eating and raising some much needed dollars for MDDA to help people with PKU and their families.

So jump on board and register for The Great Protein Lunchbox Challenge today!


The following are STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for how to lead your school through their inaugural Lunchbox Challenge …


Register your school as a TEAM by filling out the team application here .

Don’t forget to choose SCHOOL at the bottom of the form.


Once your team page has been set up, start recruiting your players.

Players can participate in one of two ways:

As a classmate/schoolmate – especially for kids
Pack a LOW protein lunchbox on the nominated PLAYDATE and attend school to have your lunchbox contents added to your classroom tally.
(See lunchbox challenge classmate’s email for further instructions to provide to classmates.)

As a school supporter – for everyone else (especially teachers and parents)
Sign up your own individuals players profile at and join the school team (select at end of rego form) to PLAY your protein for the day on the nominated classroom/school playdate.
(Promote your school’s team via school newsletters and online by sharing your team profile to recruit supporters and attract donations.)


Download the Lunchbox Challenge Kit.

Use the promotional items included in the kit to advertise the challenge and get support from school parents/guardians via school newsletters, emails and posters around the school.


On the date you have chosen to PLAY …

  • Class/school mates wanting to participate in the lunchbox challenge bring in their lunch on the day with as many low protein items as possible (simply avoiding a few key higher protein items such as meats and dairy is a great start, and packing a lunchbox full of delicious fresh fruit and veges instead). You may wish to encourage a gold coin donation to go towards your teams donations but this is not essential.
  • Your chosen Lunchbox Challenge Leader will attend school on the day and count up the total protein amount from all lunchboxes and enter it into the website database. This is a good opportunity for the Leader to educate the students on what it is like to live with a dietary disorder to help raise awareness and to reduce the stigma that can sometimes follow people with a rare condition. Remember to take lots of photos to post too.
  • At the end of the day (on The Great Protein Challenge website) the Lunchbox Challenge Leader enters their class total protein count along with the number of students that participated – and a grand average per person total is calculated.
  • MDDA then assigns points and updates the Lunchbox Challenge ladders on the website so schools can then compare their total lunchbox protein count with others playing around Australia.
  • The school with the lowest per person average protein count for the school day WINS.
  • If you are supporting a school in their challenge and PLAYING your protein for the day – on the PLAYDATE – Logon to your player profile and track your protein intake for the day. Planning to eat under 10 grams of protein for the whole day (see challenge website for meal planning ideas to consider in advance of your playdate)
  • Use your protein calculator to track your daily intake, and at the end of the day share your results (along with any pictures of your food and feelings that you experienced on the day) with your social media networks.
  • Any donations you obtain as a player will also track against your team helping your school to reach their total donations goal.