Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions  here, however you can always contact us if you would like more information.

Is The Great Protein Challenge safe?

The program has been designed to be safe at 10 grams of protein for 1 day. It is not recommended to try the challenge for any longer than one day.

If you have a medical condition, take regular medication, have recently been unwell, are in hospital, have recently had surgery or are pregnant or breastfeeding, we strongly recommend you seek approval from your treating doctor before participating in the challenge.

What can I eat to beat the less than 10 gram target?

10 grams a day instantly rules out a number of usual food items that you would be used to. With most foods restricted to fruits and vegetables. These need to be consumed on a limited basis and counted for protein content based on how much you consume. Some gluten free products can be found to be lower in protein. We recommend you visit our MEAL PLANS Section and plan your daily menu in advance of your PLAY date.

You can read more about the Low Protein Diet here

What foods do I need to avoid?

Foods high in protein to be avoided include; all Meats, Seafood, Nuts, Legumes, Wheat/Bread, Dairy, Pasta, Eggs and Soy.

Surprising to many, there are also many fruits and vegetables that are high in protein and can therefore only be eaten in moderation (for example, banana’s, avocado’s, potatoes, broccoli, peas etc)

How do I calculate my daily intake?

Our simple easy PROTEIN CALCULATOR will take care of this for you. Simply track your meals throughout the day either by raw ingredient or by reading the labels on the packet

Can I exercise during my PLAY date?

Yes you can, but given the drastic change in daily nutrients excessive exercise should be avoided.

Can I PLAY if pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding we do not recommend you do the challenge.

When can I participate?

You can SIGN UP TO PLAY anytime, start planning your PLAY DATE and seek sponsorship. Challenge PLAY DATES can take place any day in February with the final PLAY DATE on International rare disease day February 28, 2019.

You can make a PLEDGE anytime.

How do I raise money and get sponsors?

Once you sign up you will be able to share your profile with friends via twitter and facebook and they can click through or search on our players wall and  pledge an amount in support of your challenge.

Where does the fundraising money go

All contributions help MDDA and the work we do in providing wellbeing support, information and services to all individuals with IEMs and their families across Australia.

You can find out more by clicking here >

Did you know ...

  • 25* babies are born each year in Australia with PKU.
  • People with PKU cannot metabolise an amino acid (called phenylalanine) found in protein.
  • Undiagnosed or left untreated PKU causes irreversible Brain Damage.
  • There is no cure for PKU and you do not grow out of it.
  • Treatment is via a lifelong medically prescribed,– which elminates all protein rich foods and strictly measures everything else.
  • Eating for people with PKU is not easy, choices are limited and hunger and lethargy are common.
  • Daily medical formula’s and supplements (often unpalatable) are essential for people with PKU to grow and live normally.



*Numbers stated are approximate and based on the statistics of a 1:15,000 ratio of newborns.

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