Preparing for the challenge

After you have signed up


Share your challenge page to friends and family asking for their support to either PLEDGE to your fundraising goal or to PLAY the challenge with you. They can either sign up to your team or play along by themselves.

Don’t forget to thank everyone who
donates to your fundraising goal. You will find your donations and any messages that they leave on your wall which you can find by signing in to your account.

Plan YOur Meals

What are you going to eat on your PLAY Date?

If you need some inspiration check out our available Meal Plans or search for #lowpro4PKU and #lowprochallenge on instagram and see what the rest of the community is doing.


Our handy protein calculator will help you track and share your protein intake.

Lookup and add food items from our
simplified food list OR manually add your own and save progress in your calculator for each meal type.

What to do on your PLAY date

Use the Protein CalculatOr

Keep a track of your protein throughout the day by saving your protein intake on our protein calculator.

Message your fOllOwers

Your followers and people who have donated to you want to hear how you are going throughout the day.

Sign in to your account and write a status update on your wall to keep everyone in the know.

Your status update can be anything like how you are feeling or what exciting things you are eating for breakfast.

Share yOur meals

Take some pictures of your meals
throughout the day and share them with the community by uploading them to instagram with #lowproforPKU #lowprochallenge

What to do after your PLAY date

Thank yOur SpOnsOrs

Send out a big final thank you to all your sponsors on your wall and social media channels.

We all really appreciate their generosity.

Share yOur Results

At the end of your PLAY date, enter all of your food intake in to our calculator and share the results with your friends, family and team mates.

Be proud that you completed the
challenge, no matter what your protein count was.

Spread the WOrd

It’s not too late to encourage others to PLAY the challenge. It runs for the whole month of May every year so help us spread the word.